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Nowadays, the phone has become an integral part of our lives and it would be very strange if the developers of kramp missed this moment. A mobile version of Kraken Onion has been created especially for those who prefer to order goods from a mobile phone. You go to the Playmarket or Upstore, download the secure Tor browser and the largest trading showcase of the darknet is at your feet.

How to get to the kramp onion website?

1. From whatever device you log in, the first thing you need to do is download the secure Tor browser for your computer, phone or tablet.

2. Next, follow the correct link mekck2mf2uju3ssjl2woyddfrunwcnevfql3imp4tfr3z6wmjmo4jvid.onion and go through the protective captcha of robot recognition.

3. We go through a simple registration on the website by filling in personal data. These data must be remembered for further login to your personal account.

4. We replenish the account linked to the personal account on the new kraken onion website.